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For Fun – The Reason Behind My Beard


I have an non-business announcement…

Turning One Appointment into $500,000


When setting goals, pick your desired income, but then FOCUS on your appointments.  Learn how a FOCUS on appointments translates into ALWAYS hitting your annual financial goals.

Make a Mid-Year Attitude Adjustment


We are about mid-way through the summer, roughly half the way through 2011.  This is the time of year where I see the attitudes of so many agents really start to wane.  How’s yours?  By now you’ve probably had things go well and other things go not so well.  Have you focused more on your victories or defeats?

Listen, when things go poorly, take the lesson you can learn from it and then banish the defeat out of your mind.  With your victories however, I want you to celebrate and highlight them!  Acknowledging even your small successes can keep you in the right frame of mind.

You get one shot at each day.  You can’t control everything that happens during the day, but you certainly can control your attitude and how you respond to the circumstances that you face.

Do you need a mid-year attitude check?  If you aren’t reciting your daily affirmations, make a commitment to start doing so today!  Make a conscious choice to be positive.  If you are like me and being an optimist doesn’t always come easily, then you’ll need to be really proactive about this.

The success of the rest of your year will be greatly impacted by the choices you make over the next few weeks.  Attitude is a choice.  Make the right one…

“Our attitudes control our lives.  Attitudes are a secret power working twenty-four hours a day, for good or bad.  It is of paramount importance that we know how to harness and control this great force.” -Tom Blandi

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How do you Grow Your Business by 395% in ONE YEAR?!


Back from a great trip to Mexico and so excited to start the 2nd half of an unbelievable year!!  There’s a group of agents that I’ve been coaching for about 14 months now and it’s been a real joy to watch them grow their businesses and see their lives change.  Watch here as Jennifer Pogoda describes how her business has gone up a whopping 395% in the past year.  AMAZING!

Is Your Summer Taking You on a Rollercoaster?


The heat of summer is in full effect, but is your business cooling off? Now, hear me out… Many of you are probably having settlement after settlement right now and enjoying the fat bank account that goes along with that. Remember though, the pay checks you are getting today are really a result of the work you put in to your business this past spring.

One of the things that was surprising to me when I moved into the NoVa area is how business activity seems to…

Full Article Here: Is Your Summer Taking You on a Rollercoaster

Setting SEVEN appointments a week!


SEVEN appointments a week! What would YOUR income look like if you were setting SEVEN appointments a week? If you want the answer, just ask Karl Acorda, an agent that joined my office only a month ago. After being in the business for a year and a half, he felt like his career just wasn’t growing. Four weeks since joining, it’s safe to say that Karl will NEVER look back. Find out what has helped him become a mean lean lead generating machine!

Can’t be ALL business!


So…  We try to make sure we incorporate lots of fun.  As the fastest growing real estate office in all of Virginia, it’s important to make sure we keep things light sometimes, to balance out all of the hard work going into the business.  Sorry Anisa!  We all love you!


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